Opticon Asia Pacific

Thu, Sep 23, 11:00 AM (AEST)

About this event

Travel the path to potential. Take your organization from stable to adaptive. 

Digital experiences matter—a great one can create loyal customers and a bad one can drive them away for good. For some customers, their first impression matters most. For those who have known a brand in-store, going online can alter an impression that took years to create. At pivotal moments like this, when customer habits are rebooting post-pandemic, the effects can last for years.

At Opticon21, you’ll learn not only how to survive but thrive in this environment by adapting to change rather than reacting to it.


  • Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway

    Keynote Speaker

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  • Brendan Witcher

    Brendan Witcher


    VP, Principal Analyst

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  • Alex Corey

    Alex Corey

    Alaska Airlines

    Managing Director, Revenue products and strategy

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  • Dawn Baker

    Dawn Baker


    Head of Platform Engineering

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  • Joan King

    Joan King

    Crate & Barrel

    SVP of eCommerce & International

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  • Michael Moore

    Michael Moore

    Crate & Barrel

    Director of eCommerce Analytics and Optimization

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  • Jas Kaur

    Jas Kaur

    Ellsworth Adhesives

    Marketing and Digital Experience Manager

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  • Mark Reidy

    Mark Reidy

    Ramsay Healthcare

    Digital Marketing Manager

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  • Kevin Levine

    Kevin Levine


    Digital Marketing & eCommerce Director, APAC & MEA

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  • Tanya Kanczuzewski

    Tanya Kanczuzewski


    Global Head of Marketing and Communications

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  • Nazir Esmail

    Nazir Esmail


    Regional CIO

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  • Shane Paladin

    Shane Paladin



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  • Alex Atzberger

    Alex Atzberger



  • Kirsten Allegri Williams

    Kirsten Allegri Williams


    Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Justin Anovick

    Justin Anovick


    Chief Product Officer

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  • Aniel Sud

    Aniel Sud


    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Nazanin Ramezani

    Nazanin Ramezani


    Sr Product Evangelist

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  • Brooke Weenig

    Brooke Weenig


    Product Marketing Manager

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